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Detroit Arcology

Detroit Arcology

Detroit Arcology I am a co-founder of this project which aims to create a model for building affordable and sustainable community housing in Detroit.  

TOTAGO (Turn Off The App – Go O...


Open web application Web, iOS, and Android apps make it easy to discover and plan outdoor adventures using public transit or other car-free transportation Ruby on Rails, Backbone.js, AWS(S3, RDS/Postgres/Postgis), Heroku  



GitHub Project Invented and developed initial release of this Java application to enable automatic data publishing of open data from back office data systems to the Socrata cloud data platform. Used by hundreds of Socrata customers including New York City, Chicago, UNDP, CDC, and  

Public Health Automatic System for Tr...

PHAST: Public Health Automated System for Translation

Public Health Automatic System for Translation (PHAST) GitHub Project A web-based prototype application to enable public health workers to use machine translation for creating multilingual health materials Designed and developed using Kohana PHP Framework, MySQL, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML/CSS  



MetroBike GitHub Project Android app that finds optimal transit directions given that the user is riding a bicycle rather than walking Developed route-finding algorithms using Google Directions and Maps APIs

Turn Off The App – Go Outside!

Turn Off The App – Go Outside!

The how and why of car-free hiking: blog on Turn Off The App – Go Outside! – plan a car-free outdoor adventure!



If youve never been to Africa it will most likely defy all your expectations. In Zambia alone my experiences included partying at a massive beer/music festival, hitch hiking with an ecomomist, staying in a mud hut in rural village, couchsurfing with a rally car driver, watching a leopard eat its prey, and swimming in a […]

The story of Mt. Mulanje


The journey to Likumbula was a prime example of the chaotic yet effective transport available in Malawi. Starting in Monkey Bay on Lake Malawi I hopped on a minibus that circled the town until the van was so full people were bursting out the windows. I was dropped off in a town called Mangochi where […]

Red vs. Blue


After the festival I was off on my own heading south. The next stop was Blantyre which has been my favorite city so far in Africa. Its clean and calm streets are  relieving after spending time inhaling burning plastic and feeling trapped in an overpopulated smokey haze that tends to have been my African city […]

Entering the Warm Heart of Africa


My trip started off with an obscene amount of nonstop travelling. Three flights totaling 28 hrs from Seattle to Lusaka, Zambia followed by 2 full days of nonstop busing (hot, extremely dusty, and cramped as hell) to finally reach the site of the Lake of Stars music festival near Mangochi, Malawi. Meeting friendly Malawians is […]