Entrepreneur / software engineer / educator

I am an entrepreneur passionate about using technology to help solve important social and environmental problems. I have a rare ability to bridge the technical and non-technical worlds. I’ve founded multiple software companies (TOTAGO, e-commerce business, and a web development consultancy) and lead data integration engineering at Socrata enabling customers including the City of Chicago and the CDC publish high-value open data. I am a published author of research publications spanning computational biology, human-centered design, and natural language processing. I am fluent in Spanish and have lived abroad in South America and in the UK.

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University of Washington

Seattle, Washington (September 2008–June 2013)

  • B.S. Computer Science and B.S. Biology
  • Honors Program
  • 3.75 GPA

Fluent in oral and written Spanish

Software projects

  • Open web application
  • Web, iOS, and Android apps make it easy to discover and plan outdoor adventures using public transit or other car-free transportation
  • Ruby on Rails, Backbone.js, AWS(S3, RDS/Postgres/Postgis), Heroku
  • GitHub Project
  • Invented and developed initial release of this Java application to enable automatic data publishing of open data
    from back office data systems to the Socrata cloud data platform.
  • Used by hundreds of Socrata customers including New York City, Chicago, UNDP, CDC, and HealthCare.gov.
PHAST: Public Health Automated System for Translation

Public Health Automatic System for Translation (PHAST)

  • GitHub Project
  • A web-based prototype application to enable public health workers to use machine translation for creating multilingual health materials
  • Designed and developed using Kohana PHP Framework, MySQL, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML/CSS

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TOTAGO (Turn Off The App – Go Outside)

Principal and lead engineer (July 2015 – Present)
I co-founded TOTAGO and I am the lead engineer and project manager for our remote team. We are focused on developing a web and mobile app to enable seamless planning of outdoor adventures with public transit and other car-free means of transportation. We have on-going partnerships with the U.S. Forest Service and The Wilderness Society working to alleviate transportation issues facing public lands and increase access for underrepresented groups.


Web Development Mentor (July 2017 – Present)
Part-time online mentor/instructor for web development bootcamp students.

Socrata, Inc.

Lead Data Integration Engineer (April 2013 – Sep 2015)

  • Worked closely with customers and colleagues across the company to solve diverse technical challenges
  • Developed web apps and large-scale data publishing / Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) tools
  • Conducted and designed technical trainings for customers in-person and via webinar

University of Washington Electrical Engineering Department

Researcher (November 2011 – June 2013)

  • Work on TransPHorm project under Dr. Katrin Kirchoff
  • Created novel methods for detecting and correcting errors in statistical machine translation output.

University of Washington Microbiology Department

Researcher (November 2008 – November 2012)

  • Worked under Dr. Ram Samudrala and my research involves protein structure/function prediction and computational drug discovery.
  • Pioneered computational methods using Perl, Python, Bash, and bioinformatics software packages for comparing protein functional sites and predicting protein folding behavior
  • Group website: compbio.washington.edu

Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL)

Google Summer of Code Intern (May 2010 – August 2010 and May 2011 – August 2011)

  • Developed an open source software application for collecting and analyzing Internet social media data that can be used to understand the impacts of public outreach activities.
  • Used: PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Kohana PHP Framework, Git

Freelance web developer

Self employed (November 2008 – June 2010)

  • Built and enhanced the frontend and backend of websites for over 20 projects with CodyL.com and other clients
  • Used: PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Mootools & JQuery frameworks, Kohana PHP framework, WordPress, Joomla

Awards and honors

Leadership Activities

  • Sunrise Movement (June 2017 – Present)
  • University of Washington Pipeline Project (April 2010–June 2010 and March 2011 – December 2012)
    • Developed curriculum and taught JavaScript programming to students at Roosevelt High School
    • Volunteer Biology tutor at Garfield High School
  • Bryant Elementary School (April 2009–June 2009)
    • Volunteer mentor for student science projects
  • WashPIRG at University of Washington (September 2008–January 2010)
    • Textbook Affordability Team
    • New Voter Registration Project
  • University of Washington Dream Project (September 2008–November 2009)
    • Mentored students at Foster High School
    • Dream Project Grants Writing Team
  • Guatemala Acupuncture and Medical Aid Project (November 2007–Present)
    • Volunteer web designer/developer
  • Asylum Program of Arizona (September 2006–September 2008)
    • Volunteer web designer and computer technician



Contact Information

Email: adrian.laurenzi [at] gmail.com

Secondary Email: adrian.laurenzi [at] socrata.com

Cell phone: (520) 971-3241