If youve never been to Africa it will most likely defy all your expectations. In Zambia alone my experiences included partying at a massive beer/music festival, hitch hiking with an ecomomist, staying in a mud hut in rural village, couchsurfing with a rally car driver, watching a leopard eat its prey, and swimming in a pool on top of the largest waterfall in the world (in terms of amount of water flowing over the falls).

My last night in Malawi was spent in Lilongwe, the biggest city, partying at a giant circular cluster of about 40 bars and clubs with a friendly Malawian and a couple other backpackers. All went smoothly except that we had to bribe a police officer on the way back due to the passenger not having her seatbelt on! We negotiated a fine of 2000 kwacha, about 4 US dollars. Pretty ridiculous given that seatbelts usually dont work in most taxis and minibuses you find in Malawi. 

The next day I was off to South Luongwa National Park in Zambia. Traveling there from Lilongwe required a complicated mixture of share taxis, buses, and even a bicycle taxi. Ill let pictures tell the story of my adventures in the park.

The lepoard left the kill and then this hyena came to begin devouring the impala, it was fascinating to see how much more violently the hyena ate the prey compared to the leopard.

Hippos! The Luongwa River has more hippos than anywhere else on the planet.